Investing in KSA

SRC was created as part of the Vision 2030 housing programme that aims to increase homeownership in the Kingdom.

One of its core mandates is to build a robust secondary market that supports the primary market in the Kingdom.

Home financing in the Kingdom is experiencing an upward growth cycle, reflecting the government’s ambition of increasing homeownership for Saudi Arabian nationals to 70% by 2030. Demand for real estate financing in the Kingdom is expected to increase from SAR 280 billion in 2017 to SAR 500 billion in 2026, underpinned by robust economic growth and strong fundamentals.

SRC plays a vital role in driving this development by opening the Kingdom’s housing market to local and international investors.

SRC aims to facilitate the trading of real estate finance contracts and the flow of funds towards this in order to:

  1. Provide liquidity to the secondary market
  2. Provide better means to real estate finance entities to finance residence ownership for borrowers
  3. Provide stability and growth in the secondary market for real estate finance
  4. Become an intermediary between the sector’s domestic and foreign finance sources


In line with broader plans set in place through the Saudi Vision 2030 and the Housing Program, the number of new residential mortgage contracts from banks and Real Estate Finance Companies has increased from 22.2k in 2016, to 378.8k in 2021.