Our Solutions

Our Solutions

SRC provides solutions for all Originators of Real Estate financing in the Kingdom. Solutions primarily address Originators' needs in relation to:

  • Liquidity solutions
  • Hedging solutions
  • Risk management
  • Balance sheet management

SRC's product offerings range from providing various forms of financing to varying degrees of asset purchases. Each product encompasses one or a combination of the solutions above. Customizable solutions are available to address the unique needs of Originators.

Short Term & Long Term Funding
SRC provides funding to Partners for use in housing financing. Funding can vary from short term to long term depending on the preference of the Partner. Financing is collateralized by housing financing contracts.

Long term structured deposit
Partners benefit from additional liquidity and hedging and risk management tools.

A long-term financing solution for deposit taking Partners, whereby a long-term structured deposit is placed with Originators, amortizing on a pre-agreed periodic basis and matched with an equivalent portfolio of conforming financings.

This solution provides Partners with an avenue for preferable long-term funding and risk management, including interest rate risk, duration gap risk, capital ratios and stabilizing funding.

Porfolio Acquisition

Purchase with recourse

In this variation of the Porfolio Acquisition product, SRC acquires housing financing loans from Partners on a recourse basis; any non-performing underlying loans will be repurchased or replaced by the Seller on a preagreed basis.

Partners benefit from additional liquidity as well as hedging and risk management tools.

Purchase without recourse
In this variation of the Porfolio Acquisition product, SRC acquires conforming housing financing loans from Partners, with no recourse on the Seller for due to non-performance of underlying loans.

Partners benefit from additional liquidity, overall risk reduction and balance sheet optimization.

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