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SRC provides funding to lenders (banks and finance companies) to enable them to offer more accessible housing finance solutions to the primary customer, the homebuyer. SRC offers lenders accessible funding in the form of short or long-term loans or portfolio acquisitions, to provide the necessary liquidity and capital to facilitate market growth. SRC then aggregates and packages portfolios of loans into Mortgage-Backed Securities (‘MBS’) to sell to investors. This process is known as a securitization in the secondary market. SRC aims to unlock the Saudi housing market by enabling lenders to offer more accessible home buying solutions.

SRC was effectively formed in 2017 to create a secondary home loan market in Saudi Arabia by providing funding liquidity to lenders to enable them to offer more accessible housing finance solutions to homebuyers, thereby unlocking the Saudi housing market.

Ultimately, we want to enable the government to successfully deliver its housing objectives defined within the National Transformation Program 2020 and Vision 2030 by helping more Saudi families obtain their own homes.

The secondary home loan market is where home loans and servicing rights are bought and sold between lenders and investors. When a home buyer obtains a home loan, that loan is underwritten, funded, and serviced by a bank or lending institution. Since the bank has used its own funds to make the loan, it will eventually require further funding to continue providing loans to new consumers. Therefore, the bank will sell the loan or portfolio of loans to the secondary market to replenish its cash reserves which are then available ensure the continuity of lending ability.

SRC acts an aggregator and packages similar home loans into Mortgage-Backed Securities (‘MBS’). These MBSs are then sold to investors in the form of financial instruments such as commercial papers or short/long-term Sukuks.

SRC offers funding to lenders/originators (banks and finance companies) to enable them to offer accessible home loans for homebuyers. SRC does not offer home loans direct to homebuyers.